Jackal – Guild Wars 2 Guide


Jackal – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Jackals are elusive, magical creatures formed of shifting sands and given shape by magical runes. They can dissipate into sand to teleport short distances and

Which Salvage Kit gives the most Gold? – A Guild Wars 2 Guide

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The Most Important Keybind In Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 – A Comprehensive Mount Guide (Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal)

In this comprehensive mount guide I’ll show you where to get each of the mounts, go over their masteries, and give you my opinion on how I feel about them. I also have a short discussion at the end about the mount system in general, so keep watching for that!

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★ Guild Wars 2 ★ – How to get a Jackal Mount

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UPDATE: If you do the heart for the first time and buy the Jackal, it will cost 200 Trade Contracts + 20 gold. BUT if you buy the Jackal on a different day, it will cost 30g!

To get a Jackal mount, you need a skimmer to travel around the desert in Desolation. Having a Springer also helps you get up to the platform where the heart vendor is.
It seems that you won’t see the heart if you don’t have either Springer 3 or Skimmer 3.
You will also need 200 Trade Contracts + 20 gold to buy it from Drojkor, Spirit Squall. Complete the heart to get him to sell it to you.

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